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July / August 2018

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When shopping for footwear in a store, if a sales associate brought out a Brannock Device, what would you think? Brannock Device Coming in our September/October Survey: Foot Scanners! * I would be happy. Shoes are a very important part of our day so any help in picking what's right for us is appreciated. I would hope they know how to properly use it. I've had sales associates fit me with and without a device to the same result (comfortable fitting shoes). I do view the use of a Brannock device as showing me the associate has more experience or technical expertise in their job.They are caring and want to make sure i get the right shoes I'd be happier. I would like it. I generally request it. I don't need that! What the hell is a brannock device? I would be happy to get the perfect fit even though I already know my shoe size. I hope that's not for me. I would wonder what year I'm in. Do people still use those?!? I would be fine with it. I would think they would just like to make sure I was buying a shoe that would properly fit me. I would think that the sales associate was being thoughtful. That's great they want to make sure you are comfortable with your decision. The sales associate must care about helping me find a comfortable/ appropriate fit. I have no idea what a Brannock device is but after a google search I would tell the associate there is no need. I know my size and still wish to try footwear on. I'd be surprised. Most people don't even know what that is. My grandmother was a shoe salesperson so I am familiar with it. I have not had a salesperson present a Brannock Device in many years. Most shoe stores only offer one width, one size fits all today, so I imagine many people are wearing shoes that really are not the exact best fit for them. I would be excited to try the device they brought out as i love getting my foot fitted and it reminds me of my childhood when we would go to the shoe store and the associate would fit our feet properly and service us. I had to look that up! But I would be good with it. Whatever provides for best fit. What is this contraption? I think it's great! That way they can find the correct measurements for your foot. It would be helpful. My size in athletic shoes differs quite a bit from "real" shoes. Lol. I'd think they know what they are talking about, at least when it comes to sizing! At least they are trying to find the right fit. POWERED BY *ULY!UGUST ^ &OOTWEAR )NSIGHT s FOOTWEARINSIGHTCOM

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