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January/February 2013

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2 I N S P I R I N G H E A LT H Winter���s Myths��� Table of Contents 2 Revitalizing Resolutions WinteR���s Myths���Busted 3 no snoW days foR skin CaRe 6 Busted if you���Re going out... 4 BReaking the ConneCtion 6 the WinteR Blues oR soMething MoRe? 7-10 CalendaR of events 11 12 nip the dRip putting essential tools in youR hands 12 When Risk faCtoRs Collide 13 seRving the spiRit of WoMen 14 BReathe BetteR this WinteR 14 tune out the tuBe the giving-up-dRiving dileMMa 15 gaMe day gRuB Without the guilt 16 inspiRation at the end of the day Revitalizing Resolutions a neW yeaR brings the opportunity for new beginnings, offering you a ���clean slate��� to commit yourself to lose weight, stop smoking, sleep more, and exercise. These healthy living goals are the physical health resolutions on which most people focus, but what about other resolutions that focus on emotional, mental, and spiritual health? Consider the following for 2013: ��� Travel. Vacations are a great way to recharge both physically and mentally. Escaping the office or home for a few days can offer a refreshing break from everyday stressors which are potentially harmful to overall health. ��� Go back to school. Gaining more knowledge can provide an immense sense of satisfaction. It can also help prevent the onset of Alzheimer���s disease by keeping the brain active. ��� Volunteer. Giving to others is a great way to acquire happiness, which studies have linked to a decreased risk of heart disease. Donate to a food pantry or volunteer to read to residents in a nursing home; your community and your heart will thank you. ���don���t go outside with wet hair, you���ll catch a cold!��� Most every child has heard this statement from a mother or grandmother, particularly during the winter months. While studies are still inconclusive regarding the wet hair/cold connection, other winter health myths have been disproven. ��� Myth: Body heat is lost mostly through your head. While it is true that body heat escapes via your head, it isn���t necessarily as much as you might think. Total heat loss can range anywhere from roughly 5 percent to 50 percent, depending on the covered surface area of your head. However, keep in mind that body heat escapes from any exposed area. ��� Myth: It���s bad to exercise in the cold. Cold air can feel like a shock to your lungs, but it is OK to exercise outside during the winter. Just remember to consult your physician, warm up your muscles before more vigorous exercise, and ease into cold outdoor workouts to avoid strain on your heart. Wear layers of clothing that can be easily removed or added for comfort. ��� Myth: More sleep is needed during the winter. Hibernating during the winter months may sound ideal, but there is no actual need for more sleep. Fewer hours of sunlight can contribute to feeling sleepy, but people should be aware that sleeping more than normal can actually cause drowsiness and has been linked to depression.

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