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Spring 2013

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Cancer Care for Your Skin The most common form of cancer in the United States attacks the largest organ – the skin. Skin cancer can be deadly serious, but it may be effectively treated with early detection and modern surgical intervention. "Approximately one in five people will have skin cancer at some point in their lives. It's a very real concern," says Cy Haatvedt, MD, general surgeon at Tschetter & Hohm Clinic. "In the past, no one was concerned about avoiding the sun or protecting their skin, but past damage can cause real problems today and in the future." Dr. Haatvedt regularly evaluates patients with questionable skin lesions, using biopsies to determine if the lesions are cancerous. Suspect portions of the skin are removed in a simple outpatient procedure known as an excision. Having fair skin, hair and eyes puts you at higher risk for skin cancer. continues on page 2 Scan Your BANDS 2 "Early detection is the key to effectively treating skin cancer. Spots that won't heal or keep coming back, flaky patches, scabbed skin and other irregularities could indicate a problem. Have a doctor evaluate any questionable spots as soon as possible." Women's Expo Countdown! 4 – Cy Haatvedt, MD, general surgeon ENT Care Close to Home 8 inthisissue at Tschetter & Hohm Clinic

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