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Spring 2014

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2 I N S P I R I N G H E A LT H Tab le o f Contents 2 KEEP EXERCISE EAGERNESS IN CHECK 3 HANDLE WITH CARE HEALTHY ON-THE-JOB HABITS 4 THE SNACK PACT 6 CAUTION BEYOND THE COUNTER 7 CALENDAR OF EVENTS 1 1 END THE BALANCING ACT NOTHING TO SNEEZE AT 12 GO AND GET INTO THE GROOVE 13 AN EVENING TO RENEW THE SPIRIT SEEING THE LIGHT 14 STRESS: ALL AGES ALLOWED 15 BLESS THIS MESS 16 INSPIRATIONS AT THE END OF THE DAY 4 11 15 AFTER BEING COOPED up all winter, it is natural to want to make the most of every warm-weather weekend workout. But pushing too hard leaves you open to an overuse injury. One of the most common is shin splints, a painful condition in which the muscles and connective tissues around the shinbone become inflamed. Runners who increase their pace too fast are vulnerable to runner's knee, another common injury that causes persistent pain and tenderness behind the kneecap. "Watch out for soreness that comes on while performing an activity and goes away with rest—this signals an overuse injury," says Adam Atkins, MD, Sports Medicine Physician at Marshfield Clinic Eau Claire Center. "To prevent overuse injuries, I encourage patients to use the 10 percent rule—increase the intensity or duration of activities by no more than 10 percent each day." If you experience sudden pain or soreness during a workout (a different sensation than "feeling the burn," a result of actively working your muscles), do not push through the pain. A sports medicine physician can help you develop a comprehensive training plan, as well as advise you about equipment modifications that can help you enjoy injury-free exercise for many seasons to come. DURING THE FIRST WARM WEEKEND OF SPRING, YOU MAY BE TEMPTED TO START OR JUMP BACK INTO AN INTENSE EXERCISE ROUTINE. BUT ONE DAY OF OVERDOING IT CAN LEAD TO AN ORTHOPEDIC INJURY THAT BRINGS LONG-LASTING DISCOMFORT. To learn more about Sacred Heart Hospital's orthopedic services, visit For St. Joseph's Hospital, visit and search "orthopedics." Keep Exercise Eagerness in Check

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