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Spring 2014

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SACRED HEART HOSPITAL 900 W CLAIREMONT AVE EAU CLAIRE, WI 54701-5105 This publication in no way seeks to serve as a substitute for professional medical care. Consult your physician before undertaking any form of medical treatment or adopting any exercise program or dietary guidelines. a BY EMMY B. For more "Inspirations at the End of the Day…," visit > Inspirations AT THE END OF THE DAY… TAKE A MOMENT FOR YOURSELF AS YOU WRAP UP A BUSY DAY AND ENJOY THESE POSITIVE THOUGHTS FROM A SACRED HEART HOSPITAL COLLEAGUE. THERE'S A THEORY that states a monkey hitting keys randomly on a keyboard for an infinite amount of time will almost surely type a text to rival the works of William Shakespeare. All I can say is, "Where are all the good primates when you need them?" I could have used one to write this column. To be honest, I haven't been too inspired lately. In fact, the due date had come and gone for this "inspiration," and I still hadn't come up with anything to write about. So, a friend suggested I write about exactly that. What do people do when they hit an uninspired patch in their lives? Let's face it: life doesn't stop just because I'm feeling a little blah. Work continues to pile up on my desk; I have to grocery shop if I want to eat; and I still hear the siren call from my stationery bike to hop on and ride a few miles. I began to snap out of my lethargy by first realizing it's OK to feel less energetic every so often. Once I admitted that, I looked around my world to find ways to recharge. First, I took a cue from my cat, who was contentedly curled up in a puddle of sun in my sitting room. I gave myself license to indulge in my favorite pastime of relaxing with a good book. I love losing myself in a world created by my favorite author. Then, I thumbed through my Birds & Blooms magazine and decided what I was going to plant in my garden this spring. Next, I called a friend I hadn't connected with in a few months and made a date to get together for a chat. Finally, I ramped up my gratitude, focusing on all of the blessings in my life. Before I knew it, I felt inspired to sit and write this column. Guess I didn't need that monkey after all. Note to self: When my spirits need a lift, be proactive and do what I can to recharge.

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