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Fall/Winter 2014

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WITH YOUR FRIENDS AT THE NORTH ALABAMA EDUCATORS CREDIT UNION NAECU. START FOLLOWING US ONLINE TODAY! CONNECT WE ARE AN EQUAL CREDIT OPPORTUNITY LENDER. QUALIFICATIONS MUST BE MET ON ALL LOANS. RATES AND LOAN AVAILABILITY SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE. YOUR LOAN INTEREST RATE WILL BE DETERMINED BY YOUR CREDIT WORTHINESS AS WELL AS OTHER FACTORS, SUCH AS THE LENGTH OF YOUR LOAN. SAVINGS FEDERALLY INSURED UP TO $250,000 BY NCUA. COMMUNITY OUTREACH WANT TO RAKE in some extra cash this fall? Have a yard sale! → Post signs around your neighborhood and ads on community bulletin boards or in newspapers. → Ensure inventory is clean and organized. Place the most desirable items near the street to grab attention. → Price all items. Sell things you have a lot of, such as books, toys, or clothes, in bundles—four for $5 or a bagful for $20. → Post "terms of sale" informing buyers items are sold as-is, all sales are final, and prices are firm (or haggling is welcome). → Have plenty of quarters and $1, $5, and $10 bills on hand as change. Carry your cash in a wearable belt pack or an apron. → Protect your profits—accept no personal checks or bills larger than $20. Ask North Alabama Educators Credit Union how to spot counterfeit cash. IT CAN BE tempting to ignore phone calls or mail about bills when you're unable to make payments according to the loan terms, but the smartest action is to directly and honestly explain the situation to creditors. Telling creditors about a job loss, an unexpected increase in housing costs, or other financial circumstances that have led to slow repayment or nonpayment on an account may persuade the creditor to restructure or defer payment on the debt or reduce the interest rate. Communication is key to resolving such issues. SPENDING TOO MUCH ON CREDIT CARD OR FINANCE COMPANY LOANS? NORTH ALABAMA EDUCATORS CREDIT UNION'S CONSOLIDATION LOAN IS DESIGNED TO REDUCE MONTHLY PAYMENTS AND THE INTEREST PAID ON THEM AT RATES AS LOW AS 8.99% APR. TO LEARN MORE, CALL 256.533.5389, OR VISIT WWW.NAECU.ORG TO APPLY ONLINE. THIS OCTOBER, JOIN North Alabama Educators Credit Union in our fundraising efforts benefiting Huntsville Hospital Foundation's support of breast cancer awareness and care. "Year-round, we raise funds through candy and snack pack sales at all NAECU branches and have monthly Jeans Thursdays events—where our employees donate to the cause to be able to wear jeans to work," says Stephanie Mitchell, Marketing Director, NAECU. "In October during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we take it a step further, decking out the branches in pink, selling T-shirts featuring the breast cancer pink ribbon, selling handmade scarves, and entering a team in the Liz Hurley Ribbon Run fundraiser. It is a privilege to team up with members to make a difference in our community." TO PARTICIPATE IN THE NAECU BREAST CANCER FUNDRAISING EFFORTS, VISIT ANY NAECU BRANCH. COLLECTIONS CALLING? W Suppor Bre Cancer Car Successful YARD SALE p COMMUNICATE

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