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Spring 2015

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2 I N S P I R I N G H E A LT H Tab le o f Contents 2 THE PEACE OF POOCH 3 WRAP YOUR HEAD AROUND HELMET SAFETY 4 QUESTION, PERSUADE, REFER 6 LISTENING FOR SPIRITUALITY'S VOICE 7 CALENDAR OF EVENTS 1 1 WORKDAY WORKOUT YOUR ONLINE FITNESS RESOURCE 12 TAILORED TO MEET YOUR NEEDS 13 BALES OF TROUBLE SOWING THE SEEDS OF GOOD HEALTH 14 FRUITS & VEGGIES GO UNDERCOVER 15 WHEN IN DOUBT, THROW IT OUT 16 INSPIRATIONS AT THE END OF THE DAY... 4 11 14 WE HUMANS COULD certainly learn a thing or two from our dogs. Here are a few habits to emulate for more peaceful, healthier lives—no tails necessary. ✳ Get plenty of rest. Dogs have mastered the art of sleeping. As a result, they are typically happy creatures and have lots of energy when it's time to play. While naps aren't recommended for people, getting eight hours of sleep a night and going to bed and rising at consistent times are essential for healthy sleep. ✳ Exercise daily. Just say the word, grab a leash, and your dog will stop whatever he is doing to take a stroll or a jog with you, no questions asked. Try to think of exercise in terms of the fun to be had. ✳ Don't hold a grudge. Whether you forgot to feed her, got home late from work, or scolded her for chewing your favorite shoe, your dog will not hold it against you. Practice the art of forgiveness. ✳ Live in the present. Dogs don't obsess about the past or worry about the future. Instead, they stay focused on the "task" at hand, whether it's chasing a cat out of the yard, fetching the stick you threw into the creek, or simply eating. Just make sure you take the time to properly chew and enjoy your food! ✳ Love a lot. Most dogs are eager to snuggle on the couch, smother you with "kisses," and jump high or run in circles to greet you after a long, hard day. Show your loved ones that you care with a hug. If you are sluggish, stressed, or not as joyful as you would like to be, living like a dog may be just what the doctor ordered. MAN'S BEST FRIEND COULD TEACH US A LOT ABOUT HOW TO LIVE. In need of more than just a dog's perspective on life? Join the "Meditation for Life's Journeys" support group at The Healing Place: A Center for Life's Journeys at HSHS Sacred Heart Hospital by calling 715.717.6028. THE PEACE OF

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