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milestones CHI Friendship's celebration of our shared Core Values SPRING 2015 Corrie's Story: The Trip of a Lifetime Reaccreditation Celebration When Gerald Munro started receiving services at CHI Friendship in 1993, he said his number one goal was nding his family. He had lived in an institutional environment for most of his life. Our sta started the search using Gerald's birth certicate, which listed only his mother's maiden name and hometown. With great dedication, they helped Gerald search for his family, and last year it paid o. Gerald heard back from a sister who wanted to meet him. After months of planning, Gerald met Debrah and another sister, Diane, face-to-face. It was an emotional day for all involved. Diane gave Gerald a kiss on the forehead and told him she loved him. At age 62, Gerald has nally met his family and has been given the gift of love. Finally Finding Family It took more than 60 years and dedication from CHI Friendship staff to unite Gerald with his sisters. INSIDE: Gerald Munro and his family

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