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continued from page 1 problems of the appendix, colon, gallbladder, gastrointestinal system and thyroid gland. "In addition to performing general surgical procedures, I also perform endoscopic laser therapy for varicose veins and procedures to treat cancer, as well as peripheral vascular disease, hernias and trauma- related injuries," Dr. Barrette says. "As for my thoracic capabilities, most of the chest procedures I perform – which involve a small incision and the use of a scope – are to treat cancer or confirm its presence." Dr. Barrette has settled in well to his new life in Huron. Almost as soon as he arrived last fall, he bought a Jeep® and began taking trips to explore the region. "I like the clean air here, and I've always loved the history of the Wild West," he says. "I've visited a lot of interesting places since moving here, including the site of General Custer's Last Stand. I enjoy hiking and exercising – just one of the reasons why South Dakota is perfect for me." Contact the HRMC Surgical Clinic at (605) 353- 7660 for all your surgical needs. *Dr. Barrette is an independent practitioner. Making the Most of Meals Eating at your favorite restaurant may be convenient and tasty, but that doesn't mean it's healthy or budget-friendly. In less than 15 minutes – and for a fraction of the cost – you can make homemade meals that rival your favorite eatery. Whether you put your culinary skills to use by making spaghetti, meatloaf or a chicken dish, cooking meals at home often proves healthier and more affordable. BREAKING DOWN THE DEALS For a total of $5.25 you can make spaghetti for a family of six. Listed below is an estimated cost of your necessary ingredients: HELP FOR VARICOSE VEINS There's new help for the pain and embarrassment of spider and varicose veins. Under the medical direction of Ronald J. Barrette, DO, the HRMC Surgical Clinic offers a variety of treatment options in the newly- introduced vein clinic, including: endovenous laser therapy, schlerotherapy, vein stripping and avulsion. Procedures are performed either in the clinic or on an outpatient basis. For more information, call the HRMC Surgical Clinic at (605) 353-7660. whole wheat pasta $ o12unce box 1 s o26unce jar lean ground beef $2.50 pound 1 paghetti sauce $1.75 Scan the code to find healthy recipes for your family! To have a new recipe delivered to your inbox each month, visit www. and sign up for the Well One Connection e-newsletter. 2 welloneconnection HRMC's registered dietitian, Sarah Seidel, RD, LN, is available for individual nutrition counseling or to speak to your community or civic group. Call (605) 353-6585 to learn more. www.huronr egional .org Sarah Seidel, RN, LN

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