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February/March 2012

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++++++++++++++++ +++ +++ ++++++++++++++++ LEGAL RX + + The Care and Feeding By Nathan Leadstrom ATIENTS WORRY ABOUT so many things. With Yahoo and Google, it's kind of like medical student disease, isn't it? Sometimes, it might even feel like the medical condition you are treating is the least of their problems. So what is it patients really want, anyway? Is it a physician who's always right about what's wrong? Is it a physician who tells them what they need to recover or be cured? Or, is it possible they just want someone who they trust will listen to their concerns and help them feel better about whatever the medical outcome may be? Wait! I thought this was a legal column. What does any of this have to do with the law? Enter Dr. Determined. Today, he is giving his deposition. He's scared — terrified would be a better description — because he thinks, if he had to do it all over again knowing what he knows now, he would have made better treatment decisions and would have never been sued. He didn't do anything wrong! He feels horribly guilty. He gave his attorneys his cell phone number and home e-mail address so nobody in the clinic would find out about the suit. Thinking back, he probably didn't spend as much time with the patient as he would have liked. Maybe that did affect the outcome? Maybe he would have discovered the true issue if only … But he's so busy — it's just not possible to spend so much time with each patient. He wants to deny anything he did would have made any difference, but, but … well, he can find numerous things the other physicians didn't do that obviously could have had an effect on the outcome. He doesn't want to go there unless the patient's attorney makes him. Why is my attorney reminding me to listen to the question? Don't worry! Whatever! He hasn't been sued. … He's not a defendant in a meritless malpractice case. … What the hell does he know about this? I know what I need to do. All I have to do is explain how my care of this patient was fine, and this ridiculous mess will just go away! At the first break, the doctor hears: Listen, getting sued is very © 2012 Coram Specialty Infusion Services of Patience P emotional and this attorney knows that well. Be patient. You are anticipating the questions, getting defensive and starting to go well beyond the question asked. Try hitting the pause button and think "patience" before answering the question. You're doing a good job. Keep it up. You ready to go back in? You know life is laughing at you when it's your attorney (God help us all!) who provides the greatest comfort in one of the most painful parts of your life. Who knew smiling crocodiles were so warm and fuzzy? See Page 18 A Trusted Provider of Home Infusion for Over 30 Years y Antibiotic services y TPN and tube feeding y Cardiac/inotropic therapies y Immunoglobulins y Pre-and post-transplant therapies y Alpha-1 therapies y Hemophilia services y Pain management y Ambulatory infusion suites y Clinical and compliance monitoring Toll-Free 866.660.5019 | Fax 316.630.4151 Contact our Wichita pharmacy today! 8201 E. 34th St. Circle N, Suite 905, Wichita, KS 67226 MDNEWS.COM ■ MD NEWS Greater Kansas | 17

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