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March 2012

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" I believe that if I had gone anywhere but to Winthrop that day, I wouldn't be sitting here now. " One day, Joan's passion for sports, and a chronically bad back, finally caught up with her. First, she noticed numbness in her legs. Then, no feeling at all. She was terrified. But she remembered that her father-in-law had been treated by an amazing neurosurgeon at Winthrop-University Hospital. Her husband drove her straight there. Emergency tests showed Joan needed complex, extremely delicate spinal surgery. Right away. Or she might never be able to walk, or even sit on a stool, again. Winthrop's neurosurgery team removed portions of Joan's spine to relieve pressure on her spinal cord. And rebuilt it using chips of her own bone, not rods and screws. Today Joan will tell anyone who'll listen two things. First, your health means everything. And getting to the right hospital, right away, can make all the difference. Learn more at For a physician referral, call 1.866.WINTHROP. 259 First Street, Mineola, New York 11501 • 1.866.WINTHROP •

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