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well One Connection Spring 2012 A PUBLICATION FROM YOUR FRIENDS AT HURON REGIONAL MEDICAL CENTER Treatment for One Condition = SOLUTION for Another Joan Wangsness found the right specialist to help with her son's recurrent tonsillitis and her own snoring and tonsillitis. Resolving her sleep woes was an added bonus. Wangsness had trouble sleeping for a decade, waking frequently and sounding like she was breathing through a straw, according to her husband, Eric. After trying over-the-counter and prescription medications, sleep studies, and deviated septum surgery, she was told there was nothing more that could be done. She scheduled an appointment for her son Jaron, 17, to see Alan Brenner, MD, board-certified otolaryngologist at the HRMC Ear, Nose & Throat Clinic, for chronic tonsillitis. Shortly after scheduling the appointment, however, Wangsness also contracted tonsillitis. "After three weeks, three rounds of antibiotics and two rounds of steroids, my condition hadn't improved," says Wangsness. "In order to limit future infections and because my tonsils were extremely swollen, Dr. Brenner recommended that I have my tonsils taken out. He had already scheduled Jaron to have his tonsils removed to avoid any trouble down the road." continued on page 2 [PHOTO] Alan Brenner, MD Dr. Brenner and Joan Wangsness pose for a photo in a same day surgery suite – like the one Wangness recovered in after her outpatient tonsillectomy.

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