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Summer 2016

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Vol. 3, No. 2. Yes Ma'am is published four times a year in January, April, July and October by St. Dominic – Jackson Memorial Hospital. 969 Lakeland Drive, Jackson, MS 39216. THANK YOU FOR MAKING US YOUR PARTNER IN GOOD HEALTH. Questions or comments? Contact the editor at what's inside ON THE COVER: 4 LOOK HOT WEATHER WORKOUTS | 4 5 LIVE COME ON IN, THE WATER'S FINE | 5 DON'T WORRY, BE HUNGRY | 6 HAVE A SAFE SUMMER | 8 FINDING A WEIGHT-LOSS SOLUTION | 10 12 LOCAL SHAKING UP SHAKES | 12 ASK BILL | 14 CALENDAR | 15 WITH THE WORLD MOVING FASTER THAN EVER, HOW DO YOU SLOW YOURSELF DOWN? Exercise enthusiasts Eryn and Amanda enjoy a recharge from Supershakes in Ridgeland. Summer 2016 CONTRIBUTORS STEPHANIE EDITOR When life is too busy, I find my center with exercising or cooking, two things I love. I can reflect on life, what is important and what I need to put into perspective. Both activities are so routine that my mind wanders freely, endorphins kick in, relaxation occurs and stress subsides. I now understand how people may not hear you when you are talking directly to them or when they have trouble remembering what was said— their minds are working on a million different things at once. Breathe deeply and concentrate on the moment ... your brain will thank you. MAGGIE EDITOR Living "mindfully" in the present moment can help us slow down, feel less stressed and enjoy the quiet moments of the day. Being mindful means being aware of the world around you as it is presently and objectively focusing your attention on the thoughts, feelings and sensations that you are experiencing during an instant. Buddhist Monk Thich Nhat Hanh's advice on living mindfully sums it up best: "Drink your tea slowly and reverently, as if it is the axis on which the world earth revolves — slowly, evenly, without rushing toward the future." JULIA MORGAN EDITOR I personally cannot imagine life without my smart phone. However, when I attend a social gathering, I am not usually the person to get my phone out of my purse to take a photo or Snapchat. Without even realizing it, I have managed to "live in the moment" when doing the things that I enjoy most in life. When my brain is only being pulled in one direction, it is much easier to focus on others and enjoy what I am doing in that moment. s t d o m .c o m

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