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Summer 2016

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continued from page 1 Home Is Where This Doctor's Heart Is From the CEO David Dick President and CEO Huron Regional Medical Center Join Us in Making Our Community Healthier Sa ra Castella nos, DO "I feel truly blessed to be back in Huron," Dr. Brock says. "I hope my return will make it possible for more women to seek care locally." For more information about Dr. Brock, visit Recently, Huron Regional Medical Center had the opportunity to partner with a variety of people and organizations to identify the primary health needs of our community. As part of the Affordable Care Act, all not- for-profit hospitals are required to develop a Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) report on the medical and health needs of the communities they serve every three years. This is HRMC's second report. The process began by engaging a group of local experts, including healthcare providers, community and industry leaders, educators and mental health professionals. These experts reviewed data on how Beadle County compares to other counties, the state and the nation in disease incidence, cause of death, lifestyle and health habits, and prioritized the needs according to importance and our ability to impact the issues. Next, we hosted several listening sessions and an online community survey. People like you told us about your opinions on the health of our community, medical services currently offered and your suggestions for improvement. We were fortunate to be joined by representatives of Horizon Health Care and Community Counseling Services in developing the implementation plan that identifies where HRMC and other local organizations and agencies might work together to achieve desired improvements and collaborate to bring the best each has to offer to support change and to address the most pressing identified needs. HRMC will focus resources on several initiatives created from the identified problems. We will also work collaboratively with other organizations and individuals within our region to identify solutions that allow community organizations to also take a lead role to positively impact the overall needs of our community citizens. Now, I'd like to invite you to review the information in our 2016 CHNA report and implementation plan ( I also encourage you to respond to this report, by completing the form on our website. As you read, please think about how to help us improve health and medical services in our area. We all live in, work in and enjoy this wonderful community. Together, we can make our community healthier for every one of us. Join Dr. Brock and Dr. Castellanos as they present "Take It or Leave It" at the SD Women's Expo on Saturday, October 8. They will discuss the pros and cons of removing the ovaries during a hysterectomy and will also share information on how to manage symptoms if the ovaries are removed and the risks of hormone-replacement therapy and heart disease. Your Lifelong Partner in HEALTH Ladies, it's important to see an OB/GYN every year to stay on top of preventive care for reproductive health. During preconception and pregnancy, an OB/GYN offers expertise you won't get from any other type of provider. After childbearing years, an OB/GYN helps women as they journey through the many changes their bodies experience on the way to menopause and post menopause. "Our sole objective is keeping women, including expectant mothers and their babies, healthy," says Sara Castellanos, DO, FACOOG, a board-certified OB/GYN and founder of the Women's Wellness Center. "We don't treat colds and other common illnesses. OB/GYNs have exceptional knowledge of and insight into women's health because we've spent years of training, practice and research focusing precisely on that." David Dick 2 welloneconnection w w w. h u r o n r e g i o n a l . o r g

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