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Fall 2016

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Tab le o f Contents 2 A TASTY COUGH TREATMENT? 3 REASONS TO KEEP GOING TAKING PATIENTS' WORDS TO HEART 4 FOCUSING ON THE POSITIVE 5 WHEN YOUR TEEN IS NOT OK 6 POSITIONING YOURSELF FOR GOOD SLEEP 7 THE GOLDEN AGE OF WOMEN'S HEALTH 8 A HIT TO THE HEAD PLANNING FOR PAIN 9 3 WAYS TO PREVENT PROSTATE CANCER GETTING HIM TO GO TO THE DOCTOR 10 YOUR HOME FOR PALLIATIVE CARE HOW HOSPICE IS DIFFERENT 11 PINPOINTING A POTENTIAL PROBLEM 12 IT GOES STRAIGHT TO THE HIPS—OR BELLY 13 STAY SAFE AND SEEN THIS HALLOWEEN A PICTURE OF PLAY 14 DIZZINESS NEEDS TO GO 15 CREATING HEALTHIER COMFORT FOODS 16 INSPIRATIONS AT THE END OF THE DAY... 4 11 14 A TASTY Cough Treatment? CHEMICALS FOUND IN CHOCOLATE MAY BE ABLE TO PROVIDE YOU WITH RELIEF FROM YOUR PESKY COUGH. AGGRAVATING COUGHING FITS impact nearly everyone at one point or another. While there may not be a cure for the common cough, research from the British Thoracic Society's winter meeting in London suggests that chocolate may be a good solution. In the study, roughly 300 participants who had persistent coughs were given 1,000 milligrams(mg) of theobromine—a chemical derived from cocoa. This treatment was given twice a day for two weeks. After the treatment, 60 percent of participants experienced some cough relief. Other tests compared theobromine with codeine—one of the most prescribed cough medications available—and found that the cocoa chemical worked better with fewer side effects. Of course, some chocolate provides more theobromine per ounce than others. Here's what you can expect from certain types of chocolate: ✳ Unsweetened dark chocolate: 450mg of theobromine per ounce ✳ Sweet dark chocolate: 150mg of theobromine per ounce ✳ Milk chocolate: 60mg of theobromine per ounce While chocolate, particularly dark chocolate, may have its perks, it can also have plenty of undesirable side effects for those who overindulge. So be mindful, and remember to consume in moderation. 2 I N S P I R I N G H E A LT H

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