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Fall 2016

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Rated A for Safety Hospital Safety Score Card 4 8 I N T H I S connections 4 S CH O O L-Y E A R ES S EN T I A LS 6 A W H O LE N E W H IN GE : IS A N K LE REP L ACEM EN T RIGH T FO R YOU ? 8 A D OUB LE- DAT E DELI V ERY 10 A DVA N CED CA RE IN YOUR BACK YA RD issue CONNECT WITH US ONLINE: whs.org facebook.com/washingtonhealthsystem facebook.com/whsgreene info@whs.org CONNECT WITH US IN PERSON: WHS Washington Hospital (724) 225-7000 155 Wilson Avenue Washington, PA 15301 WHS Greene (724) 627-3101 350 Bonar Avenue Waynesburg, PA 15370 For additional locations, visit whs.org/locations. OTHER IMPORTANT CONNECTIONS: Physician Referral Line: (724) 250-4310 WHS Foundation: (724) 223-3875 Community Relations: (724) 223-3774 Connections is published by Washington Health System. The material in Connections should not be considered specific medical advice, as each individual circumstance is different. Consult your physician before undertaking any form of medical treatment or adopting any exercise program or dietary guidelines. PLUS: » R ES TO R I N G Q UA L I T Y O F L I F E Af t e r U ro l o g i c C a n c e r Tre a t m e nt » H E A LT H F O R E V E RY B O DY H ow t h e W H S W i l f re d R . C a m e ro n We l l n e s s C e nt e r p ro v i d es t h e t o o l s yo u n e e d t o f i n d a h e a l t hy m i n d , b o d y a n d d i et . 6 Making the Washington Health System proudly announces that our WHS Washington Hospital facility has earned an "A" grade from e Leapfrog Group, a nonprot organization dedicated to healthcare improvement. Leapfrog collects and transparently reports hospital performance, empowering consumers to nd the highest value care and giving them the lifesaving information they need to make informed decisions. WHS is one of only three hospitals in Western Pennsylvania to receive this award. GRADE connections | F A L L 2016 2 whs.org

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