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Fall/Winter 2016

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CEO Letter Table of Contents 2 CEO Letter Pokémon GO and Your Health 3 A Higher Level of Care 4 Respecting the Stroke Clock 6 Listening to His Heart 7 Welcome, New Physicians 8 Answers about Spine Surgery Cover: Neurologists Danny Rose, MD, and Ayman Al-Salaimeh, MD, are now part of the medical staff at Frankfort Regional Medical Center. Dear Friends, We never stop trying to improve care for our patients at Frankfort Regional Medical Center. That is why we worked so long and hard to be re-designated as a Magnet® facility. We submitted data to the American Nurses Credentialing Center to prove our commitment to safety and better patient outcomes, and we met their stringent guidelines for recertification. What this means for patients is a higher level of care. Only 441 hospitals nationwide and only six other hospitals in Kentucky have received Magnet designation. Magnet hospitals report higher patient satisfaction and safety, lower risk of mortality, and higher job satisfaction for nurses, meaning less turnover. We have also partnered with the Norton Healthcare/UK Healthcare Stroke Care Network to provide comprehensive stroke treatment right here in Frankfort. Because stroke patients need care immediately, we believe providing a community-based stroke program is essential. Read more on page 4. Enjoy the articles in this issue of Your Health and know that we are here for you if you ever need us. Sincerely, Chip Peal CEO, Frankfort Regional Medical Center Whether you have no idea what a Pikachu is or are well on your way to getting a Gyarados, odds are you've heard of Pokémon GO—the breakout game that has people everywhere trying to catch 'em all. Playing can actually be good for your health. To play, you have to walk around—and that's a good thing. Walking is a low-impact way to be active, and it's safe for almost everyone. Each of the game's PokéStops includes details about the location, so players can learn a lot about local landmarks and history. It's also fun to do with friends and gets people out and about. Don't forget to stay safe, trainers! •Don't play while driving. •Pay attention to your surroundings. •Go only to places you feel safe. •Play in groups. •Watch for traffic. •Wear sunscreen. •Choose sensible footwear. Do You Play? Pokémon GO and Your Health 2

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