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Fall 2016

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INSIGHTS MERCY FALL 2016 MISSION The Mission of Catholic Health Initiatives is to nurture the healing ministry of the Church, supported by education and research. Fidelity to the Gospel urges us to emphasize human dignity and social justice as we create healthier communities. CORE VALUES REVERENCE INTEGRITY COMPASSION EXCELLENCE A MISSION TO SERVE Inside Infusions Available Here P.2 Your Voice Matters P.3 Sister Dorothy Bunce devotes her time and attention to others. The Spiritual Care Leader for CHI Mercy Health, Sr. Dorothy demonstrates the core value of reverence by paying careful attention to every individual she meets, seeing all of them for who they are and hope to be. Through prayerful encounters, she connects with those in need. "For me, it's a matter of sitting with people long enough—not in one stretch, mind you—but long enough to truly become acquainted over time," Sr. Dorothy says. "It may sound simple, but it's wonderfully complex, because people are complex. Healing takes place during these moments of ministry, and often that means helping others see their capacity to do more for themselves physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually." THE COMPASSION OF A SERVANT LEADER Much of her time is spent with people who are seriously ill or with those who serve them, oering consolation or a listening ear. "I give out of what I have been blessed enough to receive," Sr. Dorothy says. "But I nd the true blessing is watching others nd new ways of relating to faith, themselves, and the community." In her down time, Sr. Dorothy, who grew up in a large family, enjoys playing card games, completing puzzles, reading mysteries, and occasionally clowning around to make people laugh. She loves storytelling that focuses on the human condition, and she continually builds on her foundational degrees in education and Christian spirituality by pursuing new educational opportunities. Sister Dorothy Bunce

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