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Fall 2016

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More Time at Home Before Valerie Holm knew CHI Mercy Health offered infusion therapy, she would make a day trip every two months to receive treatment to ease her rheumatoid arthritis symptoms. "I would drive two hours, spend up to three hours at the clinic, and then head back," Valerie says. "That makes for a long day on the road and away from home." As an added benefit to the convenience of receiving her infusion therapy at CHI Mercy Health, Valerie looks forward to seeing the friendly, familiar faces of the nurses she has come to know and trust. If you need regular infusion therapy, come see us. CHI Mercy Health has oered ambulatory care for decades. Now, word is spreading about our outpatient infusion services. For patients who need medications that cannot be administered orally, infusion therapy can be delivered through intravenous lines. Infusion is appropriate for administering long-term antibiotics and other medications to patients with chronic conditions such as congestive heart failure, rheumatoid arthritis, and multiple sclerosis, among others. We do not deliver chemotherapy, because special equipment is required to prepare the chemotherapy infusion. However, we perform many other outpatient treatments, including blood transfusions, dressing changes, and injections following chemotherapy. HERE WHEN YOU NEED US "Many patients need recurring or regular procedures," says Alana Wendel, RN, CEN, Emergency Room Manager, Ambulatory Care Manager, CHI Mercy Health. "Before they found us, these patients were driving up to two hours each way for care because they didn't know we existed. All that time on the road adds up. We're here to make lives easier and give people more time with their families and friends." The Emergency Room and Ambulatory Care services share the same sta and work together to provide valuable care to a large population segment in the community. "People who come in monthly see the same nurses and develop a close connection," Alana says. "As many as 40patients walk in our doors every month, and more and more are nding their way to us. No matter the time or day, we're here 24/7 to help." If you need any type of outpatient therapy or procedure, ask your doctor if we can help. Lean on us as someone you trust—that's what being a neighbor is all about. To learn more about CHI Mercy Health Ambulatory Care services, call 701-845-6400. Infusions Available Here Patient Valerie Holm with CHI Mercy Health Ambulatory Care Nurse Linda Hoff CATHOLIC HEALTH INITIATIVES /// 2

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