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Winter 2016

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1 Voluntary and Open Membership: Credit unions open their doors to people regardless of their race, gender or financial situation. Members are connected by a bond of association, fostering a sense of community. 2 Democratic Member Control: One member—one vote. Whether you have $5 or $5 million in our Credit Union, your voice is equal. Each credit union has a board of directors that serve on a volunteer basis. 3 Member Economic Participation: The more that members participate, the greater the benefits to all. You benefit by receiving higher saving yields, lower loan rates, more products and fewer fees. It's a win-win for all! 4 Building Financial Stability: Credit unions are historically stable organizations. They're owned by the people they serve, so they don't take unnecessary risks. 5 Cooperation Among Cooperatives: Together, cooperatives amplify each other's good works. 6 Financial Education, Training and Information: Credit unions are committed to providing financial education for their members, employees and communities as part of their pursuit of social justice. 7 Social Responsibility: Credit unions are passionate about serving their members and community. They volunteer for local charities and participate in causes to make a difference. Philosohies Philosohies Get a Head Start ON YOUR TAXES Discount rates available for Life CU members! ACROSS THE COUNTRY AND THE WORLD, PEOPLE ARE JOINING THE CREDIT UNION MOVEMENT. HAVE YOU EVER wondered what makes a credit union different? The uniqueness comes from the cooperative nature of a credit union. Financial cooperatives exist to help people—not to make a profit. There is purpose and history behind this philosophy. OF A FINANCIAL COOP SHARE THE AUTHENTIC DIFFERENCE OF LIFE CREDIT UNION WITH OTHERS! INVITE OTHERS TO BE A PART OF THIS GLOBAL FINANCIAL COOPERATIVE MOVEMENT! WILL YOU TELL YOUR CREDIT UNION STORY? Life CU Is On the Go! Our philosophy is based on the seven cooperative principles shared by all cooperatives. They are: TURBOTAX PRODUCTS ARE NOW AVAILABLE, SO YOU CAN GET STARTED TODAY. DOWNLOAD TURBOTAX NOW! Announcing a new Life Credit Union app that will integrate all of our mobile features into ONE app. Available on phones and tablets! Stay tuned for more details! With TurboTax ® you can get a head start on your taxes and be confident you're getting the biggest refund you deserve. • TurboTax translates taxes into simple questions about your life and puts everything in the right forms for you. • TurboTax searches over 350 deductions and credits, so you won't miss a thing. • TurboTax runs error checks and a final review to help make sure your taxes are done right. BALANCE WINTER 2016 FROM YOUR FRIENDS AT LIFE CREDIT UNION. GET THE MOST OUT OF LIFE!

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