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swap stretch STRETCH IT OUT Sitting all day can cause your muscles to get weak and shorten, a process known as atrophy. Stretching helps prevent atrophy, and o ce workers should do it every day. Work stretches into your routine or organize stretch sessions with work friends twice a day. Choose stretches that fi t your fi tness level and abilities. Focus on your shoulders, neck, back, legs and hips. Try a simple quadriceps stretch: raise your heel toward your backside and grab and hold the stretch for a few moments with your hand. Or you can stand with your feet together and slowly fold forward at the hips to stretch your hamstrings. ✚ FOCUS ON STRENGTH Exercise needs to be a regular part of your life. That's especially true if you work a sedentary job and don't get to be physically active during the day. If you have to sit, work on exercises that strengthen your core. That can help keep your posture correct during the day and reduce the likelihood of developing back pain. Work abdominal exercises into your routine several times a week to strengthen the muscles of your middle section. A simple crunch isn't going to do the job, so include exercises that target your upper, lower and side abdomen muscles. Yoga and Pilates incorporate many core muscles and can help lengthen and strengthen them. SEAT SWAP If you have to sit, consider swapping your o ce chair for a stability ball for part of the day. Not only are they cushy, you have to engage your muscles to stay upright on them. All that core work can strengthen your middle, making it easier to sit with proper posture when you are in a typical o ce chair. strength 3 4 5 HEALTH AWARE 5 Celebrate your commitment to a healthier you with a wellness visit! Call (505) 913-3000 or visit to find a primary care provider near you. Spring 2017 | st HEALTH AWARE 5

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