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the center about a year-and-a-half ago. The two naturally complement each other's personality and working style — picking up tasks where the other leaves off and knowing which patients most enjoy the other's company. "Juanita's bilingual," Bob says. "Sometimes I'll be helping someone who speaks English but is a native Spanish speaker. I'll bring Juanita over to visit with them, and boy does that build a bridge. It's just a wonderful thing." As is the case for many cancer center volunteers, Bob is also a former patient. "I went through this and know how scary it can be," Bob says. "When you come here, they make you feel good. Everyone is so nice. Volunteering is something I can do to give back." The sentiment that there is an exchange of giving and receiving as Complete Cancer Care Under One Roof CHRISTUS St. Vincent Regional Cancer Center is Northern New Mexico's state-of-the art cancer treatment facility. With urgency and compassion, our multidisciplinary team of cancer experts works together to ensure each patient receives the highest caliber of treatment and supportive care. Our expert team is composed of: • radiation oncologists • radiation therapists • medical oncologists • radiation/medical oncology nurses • nurse practitioners • hematologists • medical physicists • dosimetrists • social workers • nutritionists/dietitians • doctor of oriental medicine Our radiation oncology program employs some of today's most advanced technologies, including image-guided radiation therapy (IGRT) and volumetric modulated arc therapy (VMAT), while our medical oncology suite provides a warm, soothing environment for patients receiving infusion therapy. A variety of wellness classes about topics including healthy cooking, spirituality, alternative medicine and movement are also available to former and current patients. For more information about CHRISTUS St. Vincent Regional Cancer Center, call (505) 913-8900 or visit a volunteer is shared by Freya Diamond, a volunteer who has also worked at the center for about a year-and-a-half. "It feels really good to volunteer," Freya says. "It's nice to be able to make people more comfortable — offer them something to eat, a smile, a kind word. I'm going through some difficulties of my own right now, but when I'm here, all of that just seems to disappear. I feel like I'm my best 'me' when I'm here." Bob describes the constant worry and fears of having cancer and going through treatment. He's glad his presence can be a comfort and can give patients even a small reprieve from whatever may be going through their minds. "Just to make anybody forget it for two minutes is worth it," Bob says. Robert Montoya and wife Brenda, a current patient, would agree. Married to Brenda for 30 years, Robert's eyes well with emotion as he describes how hard this experience can be. Suddenly, a thought of Juanita makes him smile. He gestures with his hand that she is a "talker." "She can take your mind off just about anything," Robert chuckles. "When you're here, you develop friendships and establish relationships. It helps you to be positive and go forward." ✚ Bob Dufek, CHRISTUS St. Vincent Regional Cancer Center volunteer Heart Spring 2017 | st BE WELL 7

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