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Spring 2017

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Ministry of Healing With his 25 years in business and eight years on the Governing Board for CHI Mercy Health, three of them as Chair, Mark Oberlander, Senior Agricultural Banker, Dacotah Bank, understands how local health care affects an entire community, both economically and medically. Years ago as Chairman of the Valley City Chamber of Commerce, Mark realized having a local hospital was essential for recruiting new business. While serving as a CHI Mercy Health board member, his appreciation for local health care deepened substantially. "The hospital provides community residents a convenient, accessible entry point into the medical system for major and minor health concerns," Mark says. "It's truly a ministry of healing—one from which I've benefited on two memorable occasions." PEACE OF MIND In 2013, Mark experienced unusual fatigue, and finding the right diagnosis took time. Eventually, fear kicked in. "I was in crisis mode," Mark says. "That's when I met the radiology team at CHI Mercy Health. They assured me they would get to the bottom of the situation, and they did." After initial testing, doctors determined Mark's kidney function had dipped to a low of nearly 17 percent. They transferred him to another facility for specialized care, but the compassion he received at CHI Mercy Health helped him relax and prepare for next treatment steps. Two symptom-free years later, Mark awoke one January morning with intense back pain. His wife, Patty, drove him to the emergency room. "I remember thinking it could be a heart attack," Mark says. "But right away, Dr. Torrance [James Torrance, MD] and nurse Jody Haugen walked me through the next steps, boosting my confidence that my health would be restored." His diagnosis? Kidney stones, which passed successfully after a brief hospital stay. RESPECTING THE MISSION "It's one thing to meet monthly with departmental teams and be reminded of their professionalism and quite another to be on the receiving end of their care as a patient," Mark says. He notes that every team member he encountered exhibited core values of compassion and reverence on a daily basis, something he admits requires great patience and consideration. "I feel fortunate to be a part of this health organization, and I respect the work they've done for me and this community," Mark says. "Two of my three children are now considering professions in the medical field, and I think that translates back to their direct and indirect relationships with this health system." Meanwhile, Mark is looking forward to being part of the next big expansion of services at CHI Mercy Health—especially expanding advanced pain management treatment, a project dear to his heart. Mark Oberlander with Jody Haugen, RN, who was on duty when he arrived for emergency care 2 CATHOLIC HEALTH INITIATIVES ///

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