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Summertime! Summertime! BALANCE SU MMER 2017 FROM YOUR FRIENDS AT LIFE CREDIT UNION. GET THE MOST OUT OF LIFE! FOR SOME, SUMMER MEANS ROAD TRIPS, AMUSEMENT PARKS AND A LOT OF ACTIVITIES. OTHERS LIKE TO REST AT THE BEACH, NAP IN A HAMMOCK AND CHILL THROUGH THE SCORCHING MONTHS. WHETHER IT IS for rest, work or play, you can give your money a purpose this summer. Here are a few ideas for how to save your money or put it to work. > > Enjoy>Skip-A-Pay.>Give your loans and your wallet a little vacation! Skip a payment on qualifying loans to free up your cash for summertime fun! Download the form to get started now. > > Collect>ScoreCard>Rewards. Rack up points by using your Life Credit Union Visa ® Credit Card this summer. Then plan some fun ways to redeem your points! > > Stash> your> Cash!> Wishing you had started that vacation fund or are you already strategizing for the holidays? Our Vacation and Christmas Club accounts are great ways to reserve your money for that special goal you have in mind. Now is always a good time to start! > > Spiff> up> your> home. If summer means completing home projects you've been planning all year, ask us about a home equity loan. If it is a major renovation or new build, check out our construction loan options. > > Specify>your>priorities. Make a plan for your money. Summer is a great time to rest and also examine your priorities or create new goals for the fall. Use our free money management tool, My Money, to help see where your money is going or help you save for the future or pay down debt. Play It Safe Keep your money secure by putting these safety guidelines into practice, so your summer adventures can be stress-free. • Keep your debit card secured. Be aware of your surroundings. • Download our free app, CardValet, to keep a watch on your debit card activity. You can set up alerts for transaction amounts, merchants and geographic areas. You also have the power to turn your card on or off, which is helpful if your card is misplaced, lost or stolen. • Make sure Life CU has your current mobile number so you can be reached in case of fraud or to verify a purchase. It's for your convenience and protection. • Tell us when you are traveling this summer. We take measures to prevent fraud if there are purchases outside of your usual geographic area. We can keep your card active if we know you are on vacation. If you have any questions, please call us at 615-230-LIFE (5433). SAVOR YOUR

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