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Imagine better health. A Catholic Health Initiatives Newsletter Do you have an advance directive? CHI St. Francis Health wants to help you answer yes. An advance directive is a written set of directions you give ahead of time about the kinds of health care you would or would not want. These include directions about restarting your heart if it stops, the use of a ventilator to help you breathe, and the use of feeding tubes. "The advance directive speaks for you when you can't speak for yourself," says Ann Trebesch, Vice President of Operations/Mission at CHI St. Francis Health. "People don'tlike totalk about death because they're afraid we'll get close to it if wetalk about it." An advance directive helps your healthcare providers follow yourwishes, especially if you have family members outside of thearea. Talking with loved ones before a situation arises is a valuable conversation. Ann suggests starting the conversation in the context of what a friend or family member has experienced. Say something like, "You know what Uncle Bob just went through? Here's what I'd want if I were in that situation." Then put those wishes in writing by completing an advance directive. One is included in this newsletter. After you complete the form, sign it in the presence of two witnesses or a notary. Then give copies to your spouse, adult children, other family members, and healthcare providers. Make sure someone knows where to nd the original. "You can make changes to your advance directive at any time," Ann says. "Just remember to give updated copies to healthcare providers and family members." Patients admitted to CHI St. Francis Health are asked if they have an advance directive. If they don't, a CHI St. Francis Health social worker is available to provide information and answer questions if the patient or family members want to know more. The advance directive takes eect only if you can't speak for yourself. If you are able to speak, whatever you say supersedes instructions in your advance directive. "An advance directive is a good idea for people of any age because accidents happen," Ann adds. For more information about advance directives, call Ann Trebesch or the CHI St. Francis Health social workers at 218-643-0403 or visit and click on "Patient Guide" then ''Advanced Directives." Be Prepared Advance directives express your healthcare wishes. Summer 2017 Complete the advance directive form included in this issue. SPECIAL EDITION An advance directive speaks for you when you can't speak for yourself.

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