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JULY 15, 2017

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Excerpted with permission from Runner's World Your Best Stride (Rodale 2017). B oth the traditional running s h o e m o d e l a n d t h e minimalist model failed by encouraging the myth of magic shoes. For years, we were told that if we found the right shoe—one that supported our weaknesses and matched our mechanics—we would stride better, avoid injury, and run faster. Minimalism pointed out the errors of these claims, but it fell for a different brand of magic. The minimalists claimed that simply switching our overbuilt shoes for minimal models would automatically make us change our strides to a better, more natural style, thus helping us to avoid injury and run faster. "Footwear is this mystical beast that has been given far more credit than it deserves," says Simon Bartold, podiatrist, biomechanics researcher, and consultant for Salomon. "The problem with running has got nothing to do with footwear." Runners get injured, Bartold says, because of repetitive stress. Training overwhelmingly accounts for both injury and running improvement. That said, everyone agrees that shoes do have 2 © 2017 Formula4media LLC. RUNNING INSIGHT ® is a registered trademark of Formula4Media, LLC. © 2017 all rights reserved. Running Insight is published twice each month, is edited for owners and top executives at running specialty stores and available only via email.The opinions by authors and contributors to Running Insight are not necessarily those of the editors or publishers. Articles appearing in Running Insight may not be reproduced in whole or in part without the express permission of the publisher. Formula4Media, LLC, P.O. Box 23-1318, Great Neck, NY 11023. Tel: 516-305-4709. Jeff Nott Jeff Gruenhut .................. Christina Henderson .... Katie O'Donohue Sam Selvaggio.............. Daemon Filson Editor-in-Chief ........ Mark Sullivan: Managing Editor ............ Cara Griffin: Publisher .....................Troy Leonard: SUBSCRIBE BACK ISSUES Advertise The Myth of MAGIC SHOES BY JONATHAN BEVERLY BEWARE THE MYSTICAL BEAST

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