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Holiday 2012

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2 Table of Contents 2 HEALTHY GIFTS UNDER THE TREE 3 BRINGING FOCUS TO FREE TIME BID ADIEU TO THE FLU 4 ONE BIG, HAPPY FAMILY 6 7-10 CALENDAR OF EVENTS 11 12 MEN'S HEALTH 101 13 STAYING HEALTHY ON THE HUNT FAMILY-CENTERED FUN MAKING A BUDGET, CHECKING IT TWICE LIGHT UP YOUR HEARTS TIPS FOR HOLIDAY TRAVELERS 14 HOPE AND COMFORT AMID THE CHEER 15 GUILT-FREE HOLIDAY GOODIES 16 INSPIRATION AT THE END OF THE DAY Healthy Gifts FUN, FUNCTION, AND FITNESS FOR KIDS ✳ Bicycle, skateboard, or roller blades— A great way to encourage children to enjoy the outdoors and exercise is by giving them some wheels. Provide the appropriate safety equipment (helmets, knee and elbow pads, etc.) with your gift and lay down the rules—both those of the sidewalks and streets and your own. ✳ Age-appropriate cooking set—Consider giving children their very own assorted mixing bowls and cooking utensils to help create delicious dishes in the kitchen. ✳ Physically active video games—Several companies have developed a slew of fitness- inspired titles—from dance to sports— to help blend health and entertainment. ✳ Books—Building vocabulary, keeping the mind active and imaginative, and instilling a love for reading early will benefit a child for life. WHILE COMPILING A "TO BUY" GIFT LIST THIS YEAR, CONSIDER CREATIVE PRESENTS INSPIRED BY HEALTH AND WELLNESS BENEFITS. Under the Tree ✳ Stocking-stuffer munchies—Substitute candy with popcorn, granola bars, fresh fruit, roasted nuts, and dark chocolate squares above the fireplace. GIFT-WRAPPED WELLNESS OPTIONS FOR ADULTS ✳ Gardening tools—Creatively arrange garden tools, seeds, colorful gloves, and a fashionable sun hat in either a large terracotta pot or a rolling garden cart. ✳ Assorted spice or tea collection—Encourage cooking experiments with a diverse selection of spices, or help gift recipients unwind with the warm aromas of tea. ✳ Bicycle—Adults enjoy a leisurely bike ride, too, and it's a great way to maintain physical activity. ✳Massage—Treat the mind, body, and spirit with a spa gift certificate. ✳Panini press— Help loved ones save money and avoid fast-food calories by gifting a sandwich press. INSPIRING HEALTH

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