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Fall 2017

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Washington Hospital 155 Wilson Avenue Washington, PA 15301 A Compass for Our Campus A NEW APP FOR SMARTPHONES AND TABLETS, PATHPOINT GETS YOU WHERE YOU WANT TO GO. Local resident Benjamin Marasco, Founder and CEO of Pathpoint, knows what it's like to shuffle from appointment to appointment. During college, he was diagnosed with cancer and spent his time trying to navigate his way through life and through hospital hallways. en an idea sparked: What if hospitals offered a digital map to patients, similar to GPS for roads? So, he founded Pathpoint and partnered with Washington Health System. HOW DOES IT WORK? Once you arrive on campus and open the Pathpoint app, a dot displays your location. Aer inputting a destination, a line appears, charting your course at every turn. You'll receive detailed written instructions as well. Now, you can find a specific patient's room, hospital department or the nearest bathroom without stopping to ask for directions or to study signs. An added perk: A built-in feature remembers your parking location. "I partnered with my local hospital because we share a similar mission to meet patients' most practical needs," Marasco says. "I've recovered from cancer, but I want to help others." e Patient and Family Centered Care Council at WHS gives the app a hearty thumbs-up, acknowledging that the system will help patients and their visiting loved ones feel more in control. ยป LEARN MORE ABOUT PATHPOINT AT WHS BY VISITING WHS.ORG.

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