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CATHOLIC HEALTH INITIATIVES /// 2 Making Your Golden Years Shine As you age, it can become more challenging to feel your best. Being prepared and approaching health-related concerns with awareness are the keys to navigating these years with ease and grace. MOVING THROUGH ARTHRITIS PAIN When you suffer from joint pain, it can be tempting to avoid movement. However, exercising can actually help alleviate discomfort from arthritis and other joint problems. Speak with your doctor, physical therapist, or fitness trainer about options to maximize your mobility and improve muscle strength and tone. Some options that may be particularly beneficial if you experience pain and stiffness include: Gentle aerobic exercise: Activities such as cycling, swimming, and walking improve your oxygen intake and may help decrease inflammation. Strength training: Weight-bearing exercises improve bone density and reduce the risk of dangerous fractures. Stretching: Maintain flexibility with simple stretches or practices such as tai chi. Keep in mind that moving slowly and carefully into a stretch or movement is the safest way to lengthen the muscles. Approach all exercise with mindfulness. Pay careful attention to the difference between the normal, slight discomfort that is common with increased physical activity and sharp or sudden pain that may indicate a certain exercise is not the right one for you. Spotlight on Senior Staffers Avril Nichols joined the CHI St. Anthony Hospital team in 1966. After 42 years of dedicated service, she retired in 2008. During her original tenure at the hospital, she worked in the Finance Department as the Medicare coordinator. After a well- deserved break, Avril returned to us in 2011, and now works in Finance Special Operations. Her years of knowledge are a great asset to CHI St. Anthony Hospital. AVRIL NICHOLS

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