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November 2017

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MANAGING Personnel Management BY STEVE BARRETT FE W JOBS IN HE ALTHCARE ORGANIZ ATIONS ARE MORE VITAL THAN HIRING E XCELLENT STAFF AND MANAGING THEM WELL. THAT MAKES IT CRUCIAL TO GE T THE RIGHT PERSON IN PL ACE TO PERFORM THOSE TASKS, ACCORDING TO BRIAN BOURKE, MBA, HE ALTHCARE CONSULTING MANAGER FOR IOWA BASED CPA AND BUSINESS CONSULTING FIRM HONK AMP KRUEGER & CO. PC. W R IT ING ON T HE website for Medical Practice Insider, Bourke makes a number of recommendations to help practices hire eective personnel managers, including: + Make responsibilities clear but provide support. The head of personnel management should have no doubts about the scope of his or her duties, from handling requests for time o to writing performance reviews. He or she should have adequate training, however, which often can be provided at low cost through trade groups. + Think outside the seniority box. People with relatively little experience in personnel management can often catch on quickly and become highly eective because of their open-mindedness and willingness to grow in a new position. + Consider splitting duties. Having a separate administrative lead and clinical lead for personnel management might make sense if the two form a good team and can be consistent in administering policies. + Look for courage. In addition to exercising basic good judgment, a personnel manager must be willing to address concerns forthrightly with providers and other sta, as well as patients. ■ M D N E W S . C O M /// M D N E W S L O W E R H U D S O N / B R O N X ■ 2 017 0 5 Thank you GuildNet. My Aunt is home safe, now I can go back to work. A chronic condition or illness can take its toll on both patient and family. But with GuildNet's long term care plans, your loved ones can stay safe in their homes. Especially if they are visually impaired. Please call us – we speak your language. Call 888-722-4040 • TTY 800-662-1220 or visit P R A C T I C E M A N A G E M E N T 0 5

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