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LI F E Planning for LI F E 1. TREAT YOUR BUDGET AS THE LIVING DOCUMENT IT IS MEANT TO BE. When you take a long trip and use an app to find your way, you periodically check to see what's ahead and make sure you are on the best route. Likewise, you should create a budget to guide you along your financial journey and take steps to ensure it remains relevant when life detours happen. By keeping your budget relevant to your life, you can reroute your financial future to get back on track toward an ever-improving financial position, when needed. Track your spending on a regular basis, live within your means and communicate with those who share your budget. View your budget as a living document to be visited regularly, utilized consistently and amended as necessary. 2. KNOW WHERE YOU STAND FINANCIALLY. Closely coupled with treating your budget as a living document is knowing where you stand financially on a daily basis by balancing your checking account each day. Not realistic for your life? Then know where you stand weekly. By being keenly aware of your financial position on at least a weekly basis, you can stop or minimize the loss of expenses that sometimes occur. 3. MAINTAIN FINANCIAL MINDFULNESS. Review statements from your financial institution, credit card companies, investment firms, etc., to stay informed about your current interest rate(s), rate(s) of return, and balances, and to thwart fraud. THE OLD ADAGE, "Life is what happens while you are busy making plans," is certainly true. However, that doesn't mean we shouldn't make plans, particularly when it comes to our money. Whether you are just starting out, hitting your stride or nearing the finish line of your career, here are ways to improve your financial health. TO LEARN ABOUT RETIREMENT PLANNING AND FINDING THE RIGHT FINANCIAL ADVISOR, VIEW THE FULL ARTICLE AT LIFECU.ORG/PLANNING.HTM. Keep building your financial health at our new Financial Wellness Center at BALANCE WINTER 2018 FROM YOUR FRIENDS AT LIFE CREDIT UNION. GET THE MOST OUT OF LIFE!

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