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Page 46 of 59 May/June 2019 ~ Team Insight 47 Post-Millennial Cravings in Sock Stylings EVERY GENERATION FINDS ITS OWN way. They want to change things up. Make a statement. Be unique. Where post-millennials are concerned, socks are a fashion accessory. It's all about the look and the brand. Look around. The unassuming tube sock endures as a fashion statement for both sexes. Socks with sandals? This once fashion faux pas is now a look. Many celeb- rities, reports Teen Vogue, are sporting good ol' white tube socks as fashion. Who knew? A nt icipat ing te a m t rends is never black and white. "One trend I've seen in the last few years in team sports is black crew length socks for tennis or soccer instead of traditional white. For me it's hard to get used to the look, but that's what they want," says Danny Sutton, of Bacon and Company. "Baseball players just get a tube sock, but we do have a stirrup order pop up from time to time when teams are going for a throw- back look." Beyond the look, the purchasing process matters to this generation. "Where post-Millennials are con- cerned, I think making the process as easy as possible electronically is key. They want to be able to order online a nd receive their product as quickly as possible," says Twin City's Brad Davis. S cot t S hu l m a n , o f Pe a r sox , believes Millennia ls wa nt cus - tomization and the ability to stand out. "Gone a re the days when someone picks a pattern and drops in a logo. Customers want to use their creativ ity, their feelings, and wear their expressions on their sock s," he says. "That is why Pearsox gives our customers the ability to truly customize from top to bottom rather than conform to the standard mold." n Photo: Wigwam TeamInsight_19_Diamond Builder.indd 1 1/18/19 11:39 AM

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