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July / August 2019

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T here has never been a more excit- ing time for decorating sports apparel. Fabric technology is growing every year, with jerseys being made from moisture-wicking polyester that breathes and com- presses. With new fits and fabrics making their way onto the fields and courts, your customer is going to want to take advantage of this new apparel. These uniforms are being decorated in a wide variety of ways. Professional and colle- giate teams are doing throwback, retro jerseys with modern touches, like bright highlights and reflective materials. In younger leagues, players are sporting sublimated uniforms, full of bright colors and logos. Fashion is playing a noticeable role in jersey design. As it's become popular to support your favorite player by wearing their jersey, designers are trying to strike a balance between jerseys players want to play in and jerseys fans want to buy. This rise in fashion has also resulted in an increase in the variety of uniforms professional and collegiate teams wear. Jerseys are now made with specific looks and fits, geared towards fans of all sizes and body types. From Moisture Wicking to Compression No matter what the sport, all jerseys are being made with moisture wicking in mind. These jerseys are mostly made of 100 percent polyester blends that, unlike natural materials like cotton, does not absorb moisture. These synthetic, poly- ester materials need to be decorated at lower temperatures and need to be able to stretch and rebound with the jersey. Brand name uniform manufacturers such as Nike, Adidas and Under Armour have all developed their own sports-specific knits and technology, including ventilating side-panels and breathable knits. With new knits and blends come new fits and silhouettes. High- end football jerseys are using compressing fabric technology, claiming the compression aids in reducing impact and in supporting muscles. These uniforms are going seamless TREND RIGHT Everything you need to know about team uniform trends for 2020. By Andrew DeHaan APPAREL DECORATING A growing trend in many uniform styles is for a lighter, sleeker fitted look over the baggier jerseys and shorts of the past.

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