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June 2019

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COVER STORY TEXAS EXPANDS MEDICAL CANNABIS PROGRAM 06 Signed by Gov. Greg Abbott in June 2019, HB 3703 a llows patients with epilepsy and seizure disorders, multiple sclerosis, autism, termina l cancer, and neurodegenerative conditions to pursue physician-guided and monitored treatment with low-THC medica l cannabis oil that 's rich in the compound cannabidiol. FE ATURES PHISHING AROUND: DATA BREACHES ACTUALLY ARE YOUR PROBLEM 05 A lthough ma lware and cybersecurity raise concerns across a ll industries, medica l practices are often the perfect target for hackers and phishing schemes. HYPOGLYCEMIA FOLLOWING WEIGHT-LOSS SURGERY 10 Diabetes remission after weight-loss surgery is well recognized, but for a few, low blood sugars develop years afterward. 06 contents ON THE COVER /////// JUNE 2019 BECOMING VIRTUOSA 12 A new online style blog ca lled Virtuosa Surgery hopes to influence the market by directly educating patients about minima lly invasive g ynecologic surgeries available to them. HOW TO INCREASE PROFITS IN A MEDICAL PRACTICE 14 Before trying to increase the bottom line, you first need to know the financia l hea lth of your medica l practice. 05 10 Dr. Karen Keough, Chief Medical Officer, Compassionate Cultivation

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