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August/September 2019

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COVER FE ATURE HEALTH QUEST MEDICAL PRACTICE, NOW PART OF NUVANCE HEALTH: DELIVERING ADVANCED NEUROLOGICAL CARE IN THE MID-HUDSON VALLEY 06 Multidisciplinary expertise informs care in Hea lth Quest Medica l Practice Neurosciences, and clinicians utilize state- of-the-art diagnostic and treatment technologies. SPECIAL CLINICAL SECTION: PEDIATRICS THE BURDEN OF YOUTH: OBESITY-RELATED CANCERS ON THE RISE IN YOUNG PEOPLE 16 The obesity epidemic may threaten progress in the battle against cancer, scientists say. RE-EVALUATING YOUNG ADULT CANCER SURVIVAL IN LIGHT OF THE AIDS EPIDEMIC 18 AIDS-related cancers were a significant factor in young adults' cancer morta lity rates from 1975 to 1997, a study finds. improvement project. They should then additional data, analyze it and act on the basis This aids understanding of practices' systems how changes in processes are working. Clinicians, other staff and patients should planning and implementing efforts to boost results of that pursuit should be communicated those stakeholders. evaluation. Assessment of quality improvement be ongoing and should include routine and patients. n 5/9/19 12:34 PM 06 contents /////// AUGUST/SEPTEMBER 2019 DEPARTMENTS PRACTICE MANAGEMENT 05 INNOVATION-TECHNOLOGY 11 PEOPLE IN THE NEWS 12 FINANCIAL CHECKUP 14 LOCAL NEWS 20 UPCOMING CME EVENTS 22 05 14

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