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06 contents /////// ISSUE NO. 4, 2020 12 10 FE ATURES PENN STATE HEALTH SPINE CENTER PERFORMS SPINE SURGERY WITH UNMATCHED PRECISION USING THE MAZOR X STEALTH EDITION ROBOTIC GUIDANCE SYSTEM 06 Neurosurgeons at Penn State Hea lth can streamline presurgica l planning for open and minima lly invasive spine surgeries with unprecedented accuracy, improving outcomes for patients. PENN STATE HEALTH NEUROSURGERY TACKLES RARE DISEASES 10 Patients with even the most rare cerebrovascular and endovascular conditions benefit from the comprehensive, collaborative neurologica l treatment available at Penn State Hea lth. PENN STATE HEALTH MILTON S. HERSHEY MEDICAL CENTER PROPELS NEUROSURGERY RESEARCH 13 The Department of Neurosurgery at Penn State Hea lth Milton S. Hershey Medica l Center is on the forefront of clinica l research in the field, advancing in studies of brain, nerve and spine conditions. SPECIAL CLINICAL SECTION: NEUROLOGICAL HE ALTH EXAMINING THE LINK BETWEEN PTSD AND STROKE IN THE YOUNG ADULT POPULATION 09 A study looks at the connection between stroke in adults under age 48 and incidences of post-traumatic stress disorder and raises questions about if early diagnosis and intervention of PTSD could help avoid future stroke. DATA VAULT 12 A roundup of information about neurologica l hea lth conditions in women MAPPING THE WAY TO MORE TREATMENT OPTIONS FOR SPINAL CORD INJURY 14 A five-year, $15 million project to create a novel, open-access, 3D spina l cord atlas to serve as a resource for researchers developing new therapies is underway at the Seattle Science Foundation. DEPARTMENTS PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT 02 INNOVATION TECHNOLOGY 05

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