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14 | WINTER 2021 Improve your financial security. ONE: Build up your retirement and emergency funds. Reassess your savings plan, based on what you have, and, importantly, what you have not spent money on during the pandemic. "The current times make people realize that it's possible to cut significant spending on a lot of things, such as restaurant dine-ins and take- outs and luxury goods," says Ian Wright, the CEO and Founder of Bequests, a retirement information site. "Funnel the money you've been saving into your retirement savings or into building your emergency funds," Wright says. TWO: Make a habit of paying down debt. "Consolidate your debts so you're not paying interest on multiple loans, and make more than the minimum payment whenever possible," says Zach Reece, the chief operating officer of Colony Roofers in Atlanta. "Then, when emergencies arise, you will be in good standing and have a good credit score to either up your card limits or get loans more easily." Advance your career. ONE: Start each day with the hardest stuff. Alex Azoury, the founder and CEO of Home Grounds — a company that helps amateurs brew coffee from home like baristas in the shop — always begins his day tackling the toughest, most unpleasant tasks first and then moves on to tasks he enjoys. "That not only checks those ur home lives, careers and finances have all been upended by the pandemic and the economic downturn. Those challenges are not likely to go away soon. Still, as this year winds down, we can work toward a new normal — one that can be more professionally rewarding, more financially secure and more spiritually enlightened. Here are six habits to adopt now in hopes of creating a better 2021.

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