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January / February 2021

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TRENDINSIGHT POWERED BY www.mesh01.com Little Things, Big Difference Beanie and ear warmer to play golf in. Game changer when it's cold out and you are trying to play a round of golf! ick and insulated keeping your ears and head warm! Male 29 My plug-in headlamp that I can charge from my iPhone chord. I run so early in the AM, so always having a charged headlamp has been key this past year! Female 36 I recently purchased the best fitting sports bra I've ever owned Female 35 Jump rope - portable can use it anywhere. Male 39 Wireless earbuds. Life-changing. Female 51 Exercise & Social Distancing My treadmill. I was able to use it through the pandemic and do not have to worry about social distancing or a mask. Female 36 Stand up paddle board. I used it 5x a week, and it naturally allowed for social distancing. Female 28 Insect-shield tech tee for repelling insects while in the kayak. Male 48 A golf push cart. It gave me a much better workout than riding in a golf cart. Male 40 New Sport and/or Activity A pickleball racket because it's my new fun sport. Female 56 Running shoes - to have the right shoe for the right activity can make or break an activity - especially if you are trying it for the first time. Male 59 My purchase of well-fit new running shoes with custom insoles from a "runner specialty store" was my most significant purchase because it jump- started my willingness to take up running, and I didn't have to worry about pain from an ill- fitting shoe. Female 33 Sport related apparel. It is important because it will mark the beginning of meeting my fitness goals and weight loss journey. Female 47 Healthy & Pain Free Knee braces for support. Male 52 Recovery supplements — it allowed me to feel less sore aer a workout giving me more days to workout. Male 25 Foam roller— made me loosen my back and knots from stress. Female 39 Insoles for my shoes — helped me deal with pain I was having. Female 43 New backpack—better fit and usage. I am able to backpack longer without pain Male 33 Running/walking shoes—once we increased our walking due to Covid shutting things down, my feet were becoming more painful and tired. I realized I had been wearing one pair of shoes for both activities and it was ruining my feet. Female 28 Homebound Dumbbells— since I don't have access to weights/a gym at the moment. Female 26 Yoga pants— since I have to exercise in my house. Female 44 e best fitness-related item I purchased in 2020 was to have bought a treadmill, that helped me to continue doing my exercise indoors without having to go out or risk having contact with people. Female 36 Bike trainer—to use with existing road bike that allowed me to do cardio workouts at home. Male 39 Tennis shoes and yoga mats— significant because they each enabled me to continue to work out in my home. Female 31 True fitness treadmill— allowed indoor running. Male 40 Footwear Specific New running sneakers—to continue running through the pandemic. Female 52 Trail shoes—I can use them for trail running, for hiking and for winter icy runs. Female 44 Hiking boots—most significant because the time I spent outdoors on long duration events increased as I worked from home more allowing flexibility in work hours. Male 51 Bike Specific Bikes for my kids—so we can ride as a family. Male 37 My bike—because it helped break up the monotony of run/ walking. Male 48 Exercise bike—I can use it at anytime. Male 41 New mountain bike—there's nothing better than new bike day. Male 45 Peloton bike—it allowed me to have access to cardio workouts that I did not have before. Also allows me to ride in any weather since I am Indoors. Female 21 Apparel Specific Waterproof jacket—it's a great windbreaker and actually keeps me dry when I'm hiking or running in the rain. Female 25 Hydration vest—it can either use water bottles or has a bladder pouch. Also has room for jell packs and additional clothing. Male 57 Yoga pants—because they fit perfectly. Female 38 Leggings that I actually wear, vs a drawer full of ones I don't! Great fit, long lasting fabric. Female 27 Leggings that I actually wear, vs a drawer full of ones I don't! Great fit, long lasting fabric. Female 27 Other Comments My yoga mat! I didn't realize how much I needed it until the pandemic hit. Female 26 Head lamp and lighted vest since we are lacking daylight. I live to be outside but want to see and be seen. Female 50 Face mask with room to breathe. Male 29 A Fitbit tracker. Really gives me insight on staying active and sleep patterns. I love it. Female 51 A step counter. It really helped me see exactly how much movement I get in a day even when I am not working out. Female 48 Kayak. I couldn't kayak without one. Male 43 I purchased a new mountain bike and a few kettle bells. The kettle bells and local park replaced my need to go to the gym and the mountain bike I have only had a few weeks but my goal is to really "up my game" and skills with this new mountain bike as it is more forgiving on technical terrain and for downhill riding. Female 35 What was the best fitness-related item you purchased in 2020 and what made it so significant? 32 • Textile Insight ~ January/February 2021 textileinsight.com

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