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March/April 2023

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TRENDINSIGHT W h en it comes to workplace footwear, consumers are clear on what they want. In our most recent survey, 95% of consumers told us the top trait they want in work shoes is "comfort." Style (68%), durability (63%) and versatility (43%) are also key. Notably, "degree of formality" was named by only 21%. Athletic styles are the top choice for the workplace, followed closely by "casual." As far as work environment, more respondents say they are returning to an onsite setting than switching to remote. While nearly 20% of respondents did note that they work at home or remote, the majority say they work onsite or in an office. While work style overall is now more casual than dressy, respondents were split on whether it is getting more dressy or more casual currently, with 22% saying their work dress is getting more casual and 23% saying workplace style has become more formal over the past year. n is survey conducted by MESH01 included 420 respondents, men and women active and outdoors.Trend Insight is a feature within Footwear Insight that delivers research conducted on the MESH01 Platform.MESH01 collects data from a select panel of active and outdoor enthusiasts. CONSUMERS WANT CASUAL COMFORT IN WORKPLACE FOOTWEAR Has your work environment changed in regard to how often you work in an office or onsite location versus working remote or from home? If you have or will go back to an office setting, will you be comfortable wearing your current work-from-home styles to the office? S E I Z E T H E T R E N D ! CARPE TRENDEM I work more at home/remote now as compared to last year I will not be returning to an office setting I work more in office/onsite now as compared to last year Yes My work environment has not changed No 19% 10% 24% 53% 57% 37% What best describes your work environment/occupation? *Other: Law Enforcement, Fire Fighter, EMS, Military Delivery Restaurant/ Service Retail Warehouse/ Factory Construction Medical/ Nurse/ Daycare Teacher/ Coach Other* Home Office Office Environment 1% 1% 2% 4% 7% 10% 12% 14% 18% 31% 46 • Footwear Insight ~ March/April 2023

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