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Winter 2015

My Health Quest is a comprehensive magazine with all the health tips you need to stay on the path to a healthier you, while also educating you about the health and medical resources available right here in your community.

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Health Quest 2 PAGE 3 • Nip Frostbite in the Bud • What Your Tongue Is Telling You • Healthy Recipe: Cauliflower Alfredo PAGE 4 • Vaccines: A Simple Shot at Good Health • 3 Solutions to Winter Workout Woes PAGE 5 • Safer Births at NDH and VBMC PAGE 6 • Eliminating Post-Surgery Pains in the Neck PAGE 7 • Emotional Support After Heart Surgery • Soothing the Symptoms of Chronic Disease PAGE 8 • How to Live to Be 100! PAGE 11 • Heart Month: CPR Classes at Health Quest • Screening for Early-Stage Lung Cancer PAGE 12 • Medication Abuse — A Problem at Any Age PAGE 13 • How Our Patient Portals Work for You • Facelifts for Health Quest Hospitals PAGE 14 • 3 Tips for Cleaner Indoor Air • A Better Life With Fewer Pounds PAGE 15 • My Health Quest Calendar SR. VP STRATEGIC PLANNING AND BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT, HEALTH QUEST David Ping MARKETING AND COMMUNICATIONS DIRECTOR, HEALTH QUEST Gina D'Angelo-Mullen MARKETING MANAGER, HEALTH QUEST Amy Wallace MARKETING MANAGER, PUTNAM HOSPITAL CENTER Debbie Cooley PUBLIC AND COMMUNITY AFFAIRS DIRECTOR, HEALTH QUEST John Nelson MANAGER, PUBLIC AND COMMUNITY AFFAIRS, NORTHERN DUTCHESS HOSPITAL Sarah Bradshaw-Colomello MANAGER, PUBLIC AND COMMUNITY AFFAIRS, PUTNAM HOSPITAL CENTER Marcela Rojas DESIGNER Katie Kochenderfer MANAGING EDITOR Emily Main ACCOUNT MANAGER Rachel Bettis THIS ISSUE My 4 7 A MESSAGE TO OUR READERS Dear Readers, While Hudson Valley winters can force us to stay indoors (remember last year?), we are fortunate enough to enjoy the beautiful tableaux of snow-covered hills, children's laughter as they enjoy a sledding excursion, the bracing chill of downhill or cross-country skiing, or the warmth and comfort that comes from sitting around a fireplace. is edition of My Health Quest provides tips for avoiding frostbite, overcoming winter workout woes and boosting heart health. Shovel and walk with care and caution when there is ice on the ground. Our three hospitals were busy over anksgiving and in early December with many people coming to the emergency rooms after suffering from slips and falls. We are happy to provide a brief update on enhancements to Northern Dutchess Hospital, Putnam Hospital Center and Vassar Brothers Medical Center. We will soon announce additional exciting changes that will better serve the 700,000 people who look to Health Quest for the highest quality healthcare in the region. We constantly strive to earn your trust and confidence and remain most grateful that you choose Health Quest. We consider it a privilege to serve you. Have a happy and healthy 2015! Sincerely, Luke McGuinness President and CEO Health Quest Do any of your upcoming travel plans involve cross-country flights? Beware of deep vein thrombosis (DVT), a serious condition in which sitting for a long time in a cramped position — typical on many flights — causes blood clots to form deep in the body, most often the legs. e problem is most common in people age 60 and older. Symptoms include swelling, pain and tenderness in the affected limb, but if a clot breaks off and travels through the bloodstream to the heart, lungs or other organs, DVT can cause painful, long-lasting problems with blood circulation or even be fatal. To reduce your risk of DVT on your next flight: • Get up every two hours. • Flex and stretch your legs while seated. • Wear graduated compression stockings to aid blood flow in the feet and legs. • Drink water to stay hydrated, which improves blood flow. KNOW YOUR FLIGHT RISKS For inquiries or comments, please email

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