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MEDCENFOUNDATION.ORG | Impact | 23 Mrs. Thelma J. Place John and Becky Bowdre Mr. and Mrs. Bill Clements omas and Elizabeth Jones Steve Knott Ken and Judith McDonald Mrs. Mary McEachern James and Jean McLendon Ms. Marilyn Miller Mr. William W. Orr and Mrs. Gloria Orr Ms. Susan Watkins Mr. and Mrs. James E. Weatherford Coldwell Banker, SSK Advocacy Resource Center Charles F. Poe Mr. and Mrs. Ben T. Oxley William "Billy" Poe Mr. and Mrs. Ben T. Oxley Robert "Bob" Porter Mrs. Vesta Porter Bo Pounds Mrs. Earleen Bragg Paul Reehling Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Blum Ms. Patricia Bondor Mr. John Cargill omas and Angie Gibbons Ernest and Patty Greene Ms. Sally M. Heard Dr. and Mrs. N.T. Ivey Mr. and Mrs. Ed Martin Mrs. Harriett Newton Mr. and Mrs. omas Paul Mrs. Jean Reehling John and Ann Stewart Edward and Clark Young Watson-Hunt Funeral Home, Inc. Margaret S. Riggins Mr. and Mrs. Donald Gardner Delories B. Roberts James and Jane Loman George Saunders Mr. and Mrs. Walter Bungton Ray and Sadie Crumbley Ms. Hazel Edwards Mrs. Vesta Porter Mrs. Rosemary omas Helen Sharpe Mr. Michael A. Deep Mr. William Robertson Ms. Katrinka Talbot Robert L. Sharpe Mrs. Elizabeth Russell Mrs. Mary Sharpe Ellie Shed Ms. Nancy Helton Mildred Shelley omas and Gayle Ward WR-ALC/OBH Mr. Richard P. Sheridan Mr. and Mrs. Len Perkins Richard D. Smith Drs. Sharon Ash and David Burtner Leon Speir Mr. and Mrs. Cliord Music Speir & Associates Electrical Contractors, Inc. Margaret Stalnaker Ms. Ruth Bareld Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Bareld Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gilstrap Johnnie V. Herrington Mr. and Mrs. M. Craig Law Appling Brothers Co. e Toggery Inc. Wedincamp Electric Marion W. Sutley Mrs. Vivian C. Hill Ann S. Taylor Mr. and Mrs. Harold Carlisle Mr. and Mrs. Frank Craven Mr. and Mrs. Richard Dumbleton Mr. and Mrs. Jesse E. Grin Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hemphill Mr. and Mrs. Charles Inman Dr. and Mrs. Charles Maurizi Mrs. Rosa D. Shaheen Mrs. Shirley Treadwell Drs. Valdecanas BB&T Human Systems Division Macon Exchangette Club Pattie's Life Group Mr. Robert Thomas Mrs. Rosemary omas Shelly Tillman Ms. Patsy C. Rooks Ms. and Mrs. Danny L. Truelove Andy Truan Mr. and Mrs. Jason P. Wilcox George Turner Ms. Virginia Turner Marilyn S. Vaughn Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Stroud Mobile Housing Board Delma Walker Ms. Shirley A. Brox Ms. Gina B. Keadle John Ward Mrs. Olivia Ward Dorothy H. Williams Mr. Fred A. Williams Mrs. Elizabeth G. Williams Mr. Fred A. Williams Luther Williams Dr. Lisa and Mr. Dave Garrett Russell York Rocky Springs Baptist Church TRIBUTES

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