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Spring 2016

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+ + inthisissue From the CEO: Vote Yes to Preserve Rural Workforce 2 Changing Outcomes through Innovative Treatments 3 Electric Stimulation Helps Return Movement and Function for Stroke Victim 3 Health Care from the Heart 4 + + continued on page 2 A PUBLICATION FROM YOUR FRIENDS AT HURON REGIONAL MEDICAL CENTER Spring • 2016 Home Health Boosts Independence When 85-year-old Dale Kopplin fractured his hip in August 2015, Huron Regional Medical Center came to the rescue. To this day, they send medical professionals to his home to check up on him. Kopplin, who lives in Iroquois, isn't new to home health services. Before his wife of 52 years passed away, home health stopped by regularly. Since she was disabled, she needed someone well-versed in medical procedures to ensure she was on the right track. She lived out her last days at HRMC, and Kopplin continues to use the home health services that provided his dear wife much-needed relief. Maintaining Health on the Home Front Throughout his career as a farmer, Kopplin stayed active tending corn and grain and raising cattle. Farming taught him the value of cultivating good things, and he applies this mindset to his health. After undergoing hip surgery, Kopplin spent time in a nursing home before being discharged. Home health allows him to receive physical therapy at home. It's a true benefit to him. "I am still learning how to stay mobile and rely on a walker or wheelchair mostly. Because it takes me a while to get around, it's reassuring to know I can count on help from HRMC," says Kopplin. "Someone is scheduled to stop by and make sure I shower three times a week. She also advises me about nutrition, helping me stick to a low-sodium diet. Plus, she helps me keep track of my medications. It's a support system that works, and I've been very pleased with the results." How We Can Help Kopplin needed home health services from HRMC because he was discharged from a nursing home setting yet wasn't ready to be on his own at Michelle Hohn, HRMC home health aide, poses for a photo with Kopplin on one of her three weekly visits to his home in Iroquois.

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