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TRUENORTHCUSTOM.COM INSIGHT V14N1 11 nnnnnnnnn A look inside The second edition of Bridging Worlds includes: ∂ Updated synthesis of critical emerging trends impacting the healthcare landscape ∂ Reconstructed implications for the strategist with relatable applications ∂ Refreshed skills and behavioral attributes key to the strategist's role ∂ Examples of how individuals and organizations are using Bridging Worlds to help close skill gaps and strengthen strategic performance ∂ Expanded resources and case studies available at FOR STRATEGY AND MARKETING PROFESSIONALS IN AN INDUSTRY UNDERGOING RADICAL TRANSFORMATION, STAYING AHEAD OF THE CURVE AND ADVANCING IN YOUR CAREER REQUIRES A SIGNIFICANT COMMITMENT TO BUILDING NEW SKILLS AND COMPETENCIES. BRIDGING WORLDS: THE FUTURE OF THE HEALTHCARE STRATEGIST, FROM THE SOCIETY FOR HEALTHCARE STRATEGY & MARKET DEVELOPMENT ( SHSMD ) , IS DESIGNED TO GUIDE YOU ALONG THE PATH. THE SECOND EDITION of Bridging Worlds: The Future Role of the Healthcare Strategist was recently released at the 2017 SHSMD Annual Conference, and we sat down with board member and Spectrum Health Director of Strategic Partnerships Holly Sullivan to understand why the report is hitting a chord with strategy professionals seeking the best way to position themselves and their organizations for success in the years ahead. Insight: With so many resources available to today's strategy and marketing professionals, what sets Bridging Worlds apart? Sullivan: The rate of change in healthcare is accelerating, and Bridging Worlds helps senior leaders, strategists and marketers successfully navigate their organizations through these turbulent times. Bridging Worlds is also designed to meet you exactly where you are in that there are resources for professionals at every stage in their careers. We present five implications and 18 takeaways that form a point of view on the future role of healthcare strategy. Insight: Can you point to a specific issue or trend that Bridging Worlds can help strategy and marketing professionals successfully address? Sullivan: Consumerism is coming front and center, and Bridging Worlds helps you think about how to incorporate consumer insights and leverage data when making strategy decisions. This is especially important when thinking about how to differentiate your healthcare brand as hospitals and health systems are increasingly hiring experts from outside the industry. Here at Spectrum Health, we've hired marketing pros from PepsiCo, and I can think of several other systems that are recruiting from the likes of Amazon, Google, and Apple. To compete in this environment, Bridging Worlds provides examples from healthcare and nonhealthcare and offers a team-based module to identify common skill gaps across a team and identify experts in the department. Insight: How are you using Bridging Worlds at Spectrum Health? Sullivan: We use it to create visibility around critical areas within our organization and spark a dialogue around culture, consumer engagement, and other business objectives. Healthcare strategy and marketing professionals can get caught up in the day-to-day work of building our brands and generating volume. Bridging Worlds offers the opportunity to look at the big picture. You have to be intentional to grow, and Bridging Worlds forces you to focus on the future and stay relevant. To access Bridging Worlds, visit bridgingworlds2. Read the entire interview with Holly at nnnnnnnnn FOR STRATEGY AND MARKETING PROFESSIONALS IN AN INDUSTRY UNDERGOING A Roadmap to Advancing Your Organization insight into STRATEGIC MARKETING Holly Sullivan

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