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continued from page 1 2 welloneconnection w w w. h u r o n r e g i o n a l . o r g Welcome Home, Dr. Fox! From the CEO David Dick Some of the most important things are the ones we don't see very often. If you watch much TV, you've probably seen a lot of hospital emergency rooms spring into action, maybe to care for a person with a gunshot wound or for multiple victims of some natural or man- made disaster. Outside of television, thankfully, it's relatively uncommon for people to see the inside of an emergency room. And if they do, it's usually for something much less dramatic. If you need it, though, the emergency room can be – literally – a lifesaver. In a rural area like ours, having emergency care here in the community is especially important. Think about it for a moment – what would you do if you were seriously ill or injured and had to travel 100 or more miles in an ambulance before you could be treated? Fewer miles and minutes can mean quicker treatment and a better chance at a good outcome. The Huron Regional Medical Center emergency room recently received a very welcome visit from people we don't see very often. Last December, a team from the South Dakota Department of Health interviewed our trauma program personnel and reviewed our emergency procedures to verify our compliance with the requirements for redesignation as a South Dakota Community Trauma Hospital. The redesignation is part of a program legislated in 2008 directing the Department of Health to develop a statewide trauma system to ensure that injured people are promptly transported to and treated at facilities appropriate to the severity of their injury. The ultimate goal is to reduce deaths and severe injuries through coordinated prevention, as well as pre-hospital and hospital care service. Hospitals and emergency services apply for a level of trauma designation based on their capabilities and services offered. HRMC was initially designated in 2012. Being designated a Community Trauma Hospital means we have met the state's high standards for staff training, facility and equipment, and policies and procedures that keep our emergency room staff prepared at all times to treat people with life-threatening injuries. We're glad we don't often see our neighbors with life- threatening traumatic injuries. But you can rest assured we are continuously focused on being here for you when you need us most. David Dick President and CEO Huron Regional Medical Center Prepping Your Health for Pregnancy Alese Fox, MD, a family medicine with OB physician at New Life Family Medicine, advises women to start preparing for pregnancy even before conception. "Improving your preconception health helps create the best possible environment for your future baby to grow," Dr. Fox says. "When you're healthy, you're less likely to have complications during pregnancy and birth." Dr. Fox offers these preconception tips to reduce your chances of a high-risk pregnancy: ✿ Visit your primary care provider (PCP) for a comprehensive wellness exam. ✿ Be active every day to help maintain a healthy weight. Talk to your PCP about approved exercise programs. ✿ Add more fruits, vegetables and whole grains to your diet. Cut back on soft drinks, sweets and high- calorie snacks. ✿ Stop alcohol and tobacco use. ✿ Start taking 400-800 micrograms of folic acid daily. Being Your Community Trauma Hospital Dr. Fox enjoys spending free time with her husband, Jason, and their 2-year-old daughter, Stirling. When she's not chasing her toddler around or visiting with family, Dr. Fox also loves cooking and crocheting. Dr. Fox is accepting new patients! To schedule an appointment, visit and click on "Physician Finder." Dr. Fox is one of several students and residents who have made agreements with HRMC to practice in Huron after residency and receive educational support and student loan forgiveness. If you or someone you know would be interested in becoming a physician and practicing in Huron, contact HRMC CEO David Dick at (605) 353-6565 for more information.

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