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Fall 2016

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Forward The advancement of medical knowledge oen happens gradually in fits and starts. In the end, however, it marches in one direction — forward. Welcome to Science + Discovery and the pioneering work of the Feinstein Institute for Medical Research. In this inaugural issue, which advances the sleek design and accessible writing of Focus on Research, you will learn how our researchers and clinicians are blazing new trails in the practice and understanding of medicine. Discovery Is in Our DNA. Research is an indispensable part of our mission at Northwell Health. Our history of innovation dates back to the establishment of the genetics lab at North Shore University Hospital in 1963. Through the decades, our commitment to empowering the imagination has grown stronger. Currently, the Feinstein Institute's more than 2,000 scientists and researchers are uncovering the genetic underpinnings of disease, developing new forms of treatment by harnessing the body's system of electrical communication and searching for the origins of autoimmunity, among many other areas of inquiry. Tales of Tomorrow. Science + Discovery tells the stories of bold innovators as they translate groundbreaking research into novel tools for clinicians. Examine how bioelectronic therapy shows promise for treating rheumatoid arthritis (page 5). Read about an investigator's efforts to assess whether the multiple myeloma drug pomalidomide could be an effective therapy for sickle cell disease (page 6). Discover how Feinstein Institute researchers are leaving a valuable legacy by shaping young minds that will take up the torch of discovery (page 7) through our support of STEM education in local communities. Stay Tuned. Northwell Health's new name reaffirms our commitment to empowering people to live well and conquer disease by revolutionizing medicine in the present and help shape a future that fulfills the promise of hope. We look forward to sharing this journey with you in the pages of Science + Discovery. 2 / Fall 2016 Leadership Message

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