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May / June 2018

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TRENDINSIGHT consumer textileinsight.com Consumers want active lifestyle items that perform well and look good. To keep pace with that demand, two important trends are currently driving product innovation: Wearable "smart" fabrications that offer added functionality are a key driver, and so, too, is the development of materials that enhance comfort and aesthetic qualities of "athleisure" style. The charts shown here shine a light on how tech and fashion impact consumers shopping behavior. For example 73 percent of respondents report that interest in smart fabrics over the past year increased, and — not surprisingly — 79 percent of respondents currently own a smart watch or fitness tracking device. Yet, 63 percent of those surveyed report that fabric performance such as wicking is still considered a higher priority than smart fabric tech. That belief may be due to some confusion and misunderstanding of what makes something a "smart textile." Direct quotes from survey respondents on the topic illuminate need for clarity on this emerging category. When it comes to the role of fashion in shopping decision-making, 62 percent of respondents report that it is somewhat important that the performance product align with fashion trends. Indeed a smaller than expected percentage of survey participants own wardrobes with a large selection of athleisure wear. While respondents report to be generally in favor of the comfort and versatility that athleisure looks afford, sentiment exists that these casual, stylish looks lack fitness authenticity. For example, when asked to define athleisure one survey participant responded, "You looked like you just worked out, but did you?" The panel consisted of 228 Testers. Ages: 18-60 Gender: Male and Female Brief: Seeking active athletic adults who participate in both indoor and outdoor sports and activities multiple times per week. i.e. Running, Hiking Cycling, Triathlon, Cross-training etc. Survey: How Tech & Fashion Impact Fabric Choices Trend Insight Consumer is a feature within Textile Insight that delivers research conducted on the MESH1 Platform. MESH1 collects data from a select panel of sports enthusiasts. For information on the Mesh1 Platform, contact Brian Bednarek at 603-766-0957 or brian.bednarek@mesh01. com. For more information on Trend Insight and how your company can participate, contact Jeff Nott at 516-305-4711 or jnott@formula4media.com. s 4EXTILE )NSIGHT ^ -AY*UNE Not Important Somewhat Important Very Important Less than 10% 10-25% 25-50% Greater than 50% 21% 18% 36% 28% 18% 62% 17% How important is it to you that performance product align with current fashion trends? What percentage of your current workout wardrobe transitions easily from sport to street wear? Athletic Casual CARPE TRENDEM

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