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Fall 2023

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If you answered yes, what actions have you taken? I have not taken any actions as of yet I repair worn clothing and footwear I look for a store or facility that recycles textiles I donate my used clothing and footwear I participate in take-back programs for clothing and footwear I buy clothes and footwear made with natural fibers I have reduced my overall consumption 3% 60% 33% 85% 47% 55% 58% Laws often result in higher prices of goods. Are you willing to pay that premium for your eco-friendly apparel or footwear? Are you aware that sustainability legislation is being enacted regarding textile labeling, textile waste and textile greenwashing? Have you become more eco-minded when purchasing your apparel and footwear? Do you believe legislation concerning sustainable apparel and footwear will incentivize brands to produce more environmentally-friendly products? POWERED BY W W W . M E S H 0 1 . C O M YES NO textileinsight.com Fall 2023 ~ Textile Insight • 47 Yes No Maybe 22% 36% 29% 8% 50% Do you think the term "Sustainability" in marketing apparel and footwear products is overused? Yes No Maybe 52% 24% 23% How likely would you be to read a story with this headline: Something's Fishy. Your Activewear is Killing Sea Life. Dismiss the story as silly Have no interest in the topic Read the story with interest 11% 15% 74% 56% When you purchase online, how much environmental consideration do you give to added packaging and delivery aspects prior to and after making the purchase? No connsideration Some consideration Strong consideration N/A. I do not purchase online 27% 54% 17% 2% Yes No Maybe 80% 20% Can you name any eco-certifications that evaluate apparel and footwear? YES NO How important is third-party eco-certification to you when purchasing apparel or footwear? Very important Somewhat important Not important 18% 45% 37% 83% 17% YES NO 42% 58% Rank these textile-related issues in the order of concern to you: 1. Microplastic ocean pollution 2. Toxicity from textile dyes and coatings 3. Worker safety in the textile industry 4. Textile waste in landfills 5. Fair Trade certification

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