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Spring 2013

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Cancer Care for Your Skin continued from page 1 "Excision [removal by cutting the suspect tissue away] is an extremely effective treatment for skin cancer," Dr. Haatvedt says. "It may take a few hours of time, but the procedure does not interrupt the patient's quality of life. Most outcomes are excellent, especially in cases that are caught early." Are You at Risk? In some cases, skin cancer is the result of years of sun exposure and sunburn. Having fair skin, hair and eyes puts you at higher risk. There's also a possible hereditary link to skin cancer. Visit or call (605) 353-6200 to find information about surgeons who perform skin cancer removal. Scan Your BANDS If a member of your family has or had skin cancer, there's an increased risk that you may, too. Certain parts of the body are considered high-risk areas for skin cancer and aren't always easy to check on your own. Make a pact with friends or loved ones to check your: Back Arms Neck anD Scalp HRMC Clinic Takes Shape The new HRMC Clinic building is beginning to take shape, with many of the interior walls in place and work being completed on paint, cabinetry, tile and finishes. The 24,000square-foot building set to open this summer is being constructed by Huron Regional Medical Center to accommodate new and future physicians. The new clinic is being designed to house up to 10 HRMC physicians specializing in orthopaedics, general surgery, family medicine, internal medicine and pediatrics. The clinic is designed with the patient in mind. Inside the main entrance facing west toward Oregon Avenue (above photo), patients will be greeted by a central reception area where they register at one of the private registration booths (photo below) located on either side of the reception desk. Patients will then be directed to one of five large waiting areas, which can accommodate more than 120 patients and family members. For updates on the clinic's progress, visit mmmm S More on Melanoma in Our E-Newsletter Want to know the ABCs of melanoma protection? You can read all about them in our Well One Connection e-newsletter. New subscribers who sign up by June 28 will be entered for a chance to win a $25 VISA® gift card. Register at 2 welloneconnection w w

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